No One Tops Our Commitment to Customer Service!

Our commitment to customer service begins with the development process. We frequently receive feedback which is used to upgrade our products based on user specifications. With this approach, we are able to ensure that our products meet the changing demands of our customers, and are adaptable to a wide range of flooring industry applications.

Next, we provide a level of customer support that is unheard of in our industry. Our customers have access
to 24/7 phone and email support at no additional cost. That's right; If you have a question at 12:30 am,
you can call us for immediate phone support at no additional cost!

We believe that our commitment to customer service is unmatched, and we have big, happy customers to prove it! Of course, you don't have to take our word for it. Please read below to hear what some our customers have to say about their experience with FloorSoft.

What Our Customers Have To Say

“Using FloorWizard is a no-brainer now that it calculates and prints the Lowe’s ISST; it is one of the best investments I have ever made."

Jason Watson, President
Watson's Floor Covering, Charlotte, NC (Installs for 80+ "Big Blue Box" Stores)

“We are very excited about having our entire organization on FloorWizard. The Floor Estimating Software makes it much easier for us to manage our business and is one of the tools that enables us to be as professional as possible at the site. The FloorSoft team has been a good partner for our company and we look forward to working with them as they make their program better and better."

David Keller, Owner
Keller Interiors, Atlanta, GA (Installs for 140+ "Big Blue Box" Stores)

“We have been using FloorWizard for over 3 years now. Our close rates have risen and our errors and shortages have dropped. We love the program."

Mike Cox, Owner
All Floors, Houston, TX (Installs for 30+ "Big Blue Box" Stores)

“We started with the FloorWizard system in Atlanta.  It was our plan to test there and if everything went smoothly, to expand use of the system to our other locations.  We have been very pleased with the system, as it has reduced errors and shortened the timeline from receipt of fax to completion of the Lowe’s documentation.  Consumers love the use of the computer and laser in the home.  Tampa is our next stop to a full corporate roll-out of FloorWizard.”

David Keller, Owner
Keller Interiors, Atlanta, GA (Installs for 140+ "Big Blue Box" Stores)

"S&G Carpet & More decided to invest in the Floormaster(FloorWizard) program for several reasons. First, we pride ourselves on providing the most accurate estimates possible. Accurate estimates are important not only for our reputation, but they are also crucial to our closing many jobs that our competitors are overbidding due to careless overmeasuring. As we continue to grow, training new estimators is a great challenge and we found ourselves sending estimators out on measures before they were fully trained. We felt our positive estimate reputation was in danger, and estimator mistakes were costly and were eating into our profits. As we get close to full implementation of Floormaster, we are finding that training time of new estimators has been cut in half, even for those estimators with no flooring experience. Errors such as missing rooms or stairs, carpet shortages when a customer changes selections, pattern match problems, etc. are almost nonexistent when the Floormaster program is used, especially by the newer estimators.

Another reason we decided to invest in Floormaster was our growing carpet remnant problem. We requested that Floormaster customize the program so that dye lot requirements are designated on the cut sheet. This allows us to use smaller roll balances, saving us thousands of dollars in low margin remnants.

In the past, our estimators spent a lot of time producing separate quotes for customers who were not sure exactly what they wanted. With Floormaster, it only takes a few key strokes to eliminate a room, change a carpet or pad, or change seam placement, thus allowing the customer to make a better informed decision. We have also trained our Floor Managers and many of our sales people to be able to make some of these minor changes so that the estimators are freed up to do the actual measures. It has raised the professional image of our sales people in the eyes of our customers.

One benefit we did not count on when we purchased the program was the reaction from our customers. Our estimators are continually bringing back reports of customer comments regarding how professional our quote presentation is, and they trust our measures because it is done by a computer.If a customer decides to reduce the cost of a job by adding more seams than we would recommend, we can print out the room layout and have them sign it, preventing future claim problems. The estimators can easily show a customer how much they would save if they change the seam layout. We have noticed that since we have been using Floormaster, some of our competitors are now using a version of a computer estimate program.

The implementation of a program of this magnitude has been challenging. But Bob, Melanie, John and the rest of the Floormaster staff have been receptive to most of our suggestions and requests. They have made some major changes to the program to make it a better fit for our company. They are easy to reach and solve any minor problems in a timely manor. They have been extremely patient with those of us who are sometimes not so patient!

In conclusion, we feel the Floormaster program has made S&G a more professional, efficient company. We look forward to the many enhancements that we are sure will take place with this program in the years to come."

Theresa K., Operations Manager
S&G Carpet and More, CA

"I Just wanted to tell you how awesome your software is and how much it has helped our company.  I amaze our customers everyday with the ever impressive FloorWizard!  "

Brent E., Estimator
Watson's FloorCovering, Charlotte, NC

*** FloorSoft, Inc. is a Dalton, GA USA Corporation and is not affiliated in any direct or indirect way with Lowe's, Inc.  Lowe's is not involved in the marketing efforts of FloorSoft. Lowe's has made no commitment to FloorSoft or to the FloorWizard product and has cautioned us about claiming any affiliation. Lowe's is not involved in any joint software development efforts with FloorSoft. Lowe's does not allow us to use their logo in our marketing programs.***



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