Flooring Estimation, Project Management, Scheduling and Closing Software

Flooring Estimation Software FloorWizard

The World's ONLY Net-Based Solution for
Estimating, Scheduling, Closing and Project Tracking
  • Full Database for Materials, Labor and Pricing
  • Access Projects from any Internet Computer
  • Tablet PC w/ Bluetooth Laser Measuring
  • Complete Appointment Scheduling
  • Increase Customer Buy-In & Close More Jobs!
Tablet PC and Bluetooth Wireless Laser

Manufacturing Applications

Aggressively matches customer needs with your inventory items that are slated for markdown, and offers multiple allocation solutions to your customer in a priority order defined by you. Utilized as a companion system to the ODM50 program, or as a stand-alone optimizer, PGS automatically adjusts the parameters for optimal performance based on historical demand and management objectives. Optimizes the cutting of rolls considering all open backorders and a set of stock cutting rules, all with the objective of filling the greatest number of orders possible while minimizing the number of short roll balances and scrap. Designed to optimize the assignment of customer orders to modular inventory, the system has been developed and tested with the input of industry experts from manufacturing, data processing, customer service, and distribution.

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