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"Big Blue Box" Flooring Installers:

For several years we have been working directly with Installers who service the "big blue box" to fully understand the Flooring Sales / Installation process, and have customized our estimation software to suit their unique business requirements. As a result, FloorWizard is unrivaled among all other estimation products available to flooring installation companies.

As a "big blue box" installer, you already know your operation is quite different from that of the average retail flooring store. So, why purchase an estimation system that has been developed with only the needs of the retailer in mind? The answer is simple really; until now, there has not been a better alternative.

Here are some of the key advantages of the FloorWizard internet-based estimation solution with automatically generated ISST documents for "big blue box" installers:

  • Fastest Turnaround Time Possible
    We all know how important this one is to the "big blue box", and it's because faster turns on estimates lead to increased close rates. With FloorWizard, the detail can be available to the store immediately after the estimate is complete. Keep in mind, this is only possible with an internet-based estimation system. That's because with all other software packages, the measurement data is confined to the hard drive of the measuring computer. Unless they are carrying a fax machine to the site, you must wait for the estimator to physically return home or to the office before the detail can be sent to the store.
  • Automatically Generate a Fully Costed and Error Free ISST
    With our system, each project is built with your company's pricing for supplies and custom labor. Once the estimate is complete, the user can push a button and automatically produce a fully costed, error free ISST every time. In addition to a highly professional appearance, FloorWizard ISST's include a floor plan, cut sheets and breakdown of each room's dimensions. If desired, you can even attach additional pages such as an invoice, or a list of labor and supply items...all generated by FloorWizard.
  • No Hassle, Immediate Refigures
    FloorWizard is the only system that allows you to create and save save multiple versions of the estimate. So, let's say you have measured a customer's home for carpet, and the store has requested a refigure for laminate. With several clicks, you can instantly produce an estimate for laminate, then save the refigure along with the original carpet estimate. If the customer changes their mind again(we know this never happens, of course), you can switch between saved refigures with one click!
  • Reduced Measurement Errors
    Missed rooms, forgotten supply items and miscalculated order quantities can be a killer. FloorWizard's user friendly design replicates the measurer's normal workflow and builds the invoice as the measure is completed. The system has numerous safeguards to protect against measuring mishaps like forgotten rooms and missed trim pieces, and you can forget about coming up short. We have completed over 150,000 estimates without a single shortage!
  • Increased Professionalism and Higher Close Rates
    Time and time again, users contact us with their stories about customers who were blown away after observing the FloorWizard measuring process, which utilizes a tablet pc and bluetooth wireless laser. Our system will provide your estimators with an excellent opportunity to engage the customer, as they can visualize their flooring project as measured with the tablet pc. And, it's no secret that your odds of closing the deal are significantly higher when the customer is confident about their estimate and has been able to participate in the measuring process.

Since the development of the ISST print function, several high volume "big blue box" installers have deployed the system throughout their operations. Turnaround times are shorter, mesaurement errors have been virtually eliminated, and their computer generated ISST's are superior to the hand written documents produced by their competitors. With these and other tremendous benefits, FloorWizard is helping them become recognized for their speed and professionalism.

If you like what you have read so far, and want to learn more about how FloorWizard can increase professionalism, efficiency and provide your company with the competitive edge it needs to win more business, contact a member of our sales team today!

See Below for Screen Captures of the FloorWizard Generated ISST:
FloorWizard ISST

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